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Introducing Boxwood Storied Interiors

Daniel Williams

Mar 17, 2023

A.Lipe Fine Art (ALFA) Gallery presents Boxwood Interiors concept

Artlynx Gallery Skaneateles, a full-service art gallery and custom home interior atelier located in the picturesque village of Skaneatles, New York, expandsit's boutique interior concepts with Boxwood Storied Interiors (BSI). With a commitment to sustainable living, the boutique offers bespoke home decor, antiques, artist resourcesand fine art for the home.

As proprietor A. Lipe Cross integrates ARtlynx and BSI, she states, “As I consider product offerings for the shop, I am compelled to consider the times we live in and the needs and trends of our market. As many of us consider living a more sustainable lifestyle. I have carefully curated a unique offering here at BSI with artists, designers and artisans who in many ways, address nature and sustainable living in one form or another within their work.” 

With a discerning eye for ‘beautiful things’ and a mindful eye on the environment– the retail gallery and boutique will highlight original art and artisanal hand-crafted items for the home. They include unique one-of-a-kind Objet d’art;hand-blown glass, bronze sculptures and sustainably hand crafted items from Europe;BoHo line of natural fiber hand-crafted hammocks- in a variety of color, sustainably produced artisanal hand-crafted room fragrances, vegetable candles, 100% natural hand-made soaps and other items direct from Provence France, among many otheritems.

With respect to current works of art for the wall, Cross will place attention on local and regional artists whose historical context, experience and breadth play a vital role among the artistic landscape. A current exhibition by Woodstock artist, Calvin Grimm, entitled “Rock Art” highlights Grimm’s studies in the Chauvet Caves in the South of France. Inspired by 30,000 year old cave paintings and scenes of ancient mineral paintings the works include five large framed oil paintings on paper and large format oil paintings on canvas. Other works by internationally acclaimed artists Lampo Leong, Thomas Brummet, also grace the walls at Artlynx Gallery.

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